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Important Security Note

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Our systems record and archive the time, date and IP address of all whom access this content.

Each time this page is accessed, an alert containing all of the viewer's data, is sent to the president of SalesDrip.


The content was prepared to address valid concerns regarding the sustainability and security of SalesDrip.

The Platform:

Although, SalesDrip has only two full time employees, we have a large, proven team supporting us at all times. SalesDrip has licensed the use of a proven technology platform that enables us to custom build the proprietary SalesDrip system. The entity providing the technology was established in 2000, is very stable and maintains significant engineering, customer service and marketing staff. The platform is continuously being refined while development of new applications to improve the overall platform is an on going commitment.


SalesDrip is a cloud based platform that enables users to access the system anywhere in the world by any device that has access to the internet. Consequently, everything that you view on SalesDrip is a web page. Below is the manner in which we secure our systems.

  1.  We have OpenSSL and all SalesDrip pages are SSL encrypted and signed by trusted authorities. OpenSSL prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, encrypts the data in transit, as well as authenticating our servers so a user knows they are communicating with SalesDrip servers and not an imposter. 
  2.  SalesDrip is equipped with Firewalls. SalesDrip uses statefull firewalls and this allows us to scrub inbound traffic from malicious attacks. 
  3. SalesDrip has load balancers and web application firewalls (HAProxy and Naxsi) which play a crucial role in ensuring legitimate traffic is distributed to our web servers and attackers will be denied access. 
  4. SalesDrip has onsite and offsite backups which encrypts stored data. 
  5. SalesDrip enables the account owner to assign and control what each user on their system can view, edit, delete or download. 
  6. Each client system on the SalesDrip server has it’s own unique, separate and secure database.


In the event that the President of SalesDrip were to become incapacitated; the President's estate (no outside shareholders or investors exist) will be able to fulfill the needs of our existing customers without compromise. This is due to the fact that all of SalesDrip's systems are well documented and flowcharted. SalesDrip has an agreement with the entity that licenses the technology platform to SalesDrip, to provide all customer service and tech support inquiries on behalf of SalesDrip. SalesDrip is highly automated insofar as all income is received via credit card through the systems' portal. In the event a client does not pay, access to their system is denied until payment is received. All bookkeeping and accounting is automated. In terms of financial health, SalesDrip has very few fixed costs, is extremely profitable and has virtually zero debt. All of the above enable SalesDrip to rapidly and profitable scale up or down as required.

Future Growth:

SalesDrip has developed, refined and documented several closed loop automated sales & drip marketing templates for specific niche industries. Currently 95% of our system builds are based upon our closed loop industry specific templates. Templates enable the rapid on boarding of most potential future customers. SalesDrip is currently experiencing growth via referral. Several of our clients are introducing SalesDrip to their customers. In response, SalesDrip has developed non freight related templates for B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer) and Online Sales (virtual business that sell via an online store). 


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