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SalesDrip for Qualified Leads



98.2% of the time that your sales rep qualifies a lead, the lead is not interested in changing service providers. Correct lead, incorrect timing. Our software keeps your sales rep’s name and your agency’s brand in front of each qualified lead in a polite, professional and respectful manner until the lead is ready to explore working with a new transportation service provider.


Most sales reps hit capacity between 75 and 100 qualified leads. This is not a large enough sales funnel to grow a company. When the sales rep hits capacity and not enough leads are converting to customers, the sales rep naturally starts to canvas for new leads. Each new lead that the rep qualifies after reaching capacity forces the rep to stop following up on an existing lead. The rep is a capacity, so they make a judgement call and choose a lead to stop following up on. That is called dropping a lead.


Our automation enables a sales rep to manage over 1000 leads.


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