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What is included?


SalesDrip is a turnkey solution.

We build the entire system for you so you can focus on managing your business.

  • Our creative dept builds an email marketing wrapper to match your website for consistent branding. If you need a website, our in-house team will build a custom site to meet your needs. We’ve built many websites for GTZ agents.

  • Our marketing dept writes all of your drip marketing emails. ( average over 60 emails per agent) We draw on over two decades of freight marketing experience and use proven methods.

  • Our automation dept builds, tests and deploys your entire system into the cloud. This allows your team to access SalesDrip on any device that has an internet connection. Our desktop software supports 28 languages.

  • A mobile app designed specifically for sales reps is included.

  • We provide unlimited training via Zoom Meeting at no additional cost.

  • We provide unlimited customer service and tech support at no additional cost.



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